Turkey Hunting Gear Checklist

The first item you might think of when you prepare yourself for a wild turkey hunt is probably a shotgun, as well as shells. There’s no doubting the importance of this equipment, since you can’t hunt without it, but there are many other important accessories you should pack. Here is Game Gear’s turkey hunting gear checklist:

  • Turkey Vest: One of the greatest inventions when it comes to wild turkey hunting has been the turkey vest. Designed to allow you to carry your trophies out of the woods, turkey vests are also outfitted with a cushion to double as a comfortable seat.
  • Camo Apparel: Turkey hunting takes place in woodland areas, so wearing desert camo apparel will most likely keep you hidden. It’s important to get turkey hunting gear that blends in naturally to the environment, and most turkey vests come camouflaged already.
  • Turkey Calls and Decoys: Some hunters don’t think wild turkey calls and decoys are essential, but the use of these products can greatly improve the success of your hunt. Choose the turkey call that is best for you and go for the most natural looking decoy possible.

If you have crossed everything off your turkey hunting checklist and realized you are still missing something, check out our online hunting gear store here.

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