Taylorsville Warriors Basketball Schedule

Boy’s basketball season might last only a few short months, but the enthusiasm surrounding the Taylorsville basketball program is strong year round. Now you can represent the Taylorsville High School Warriors all year round with Game Gear’s authentic team apparel.

The boy’s basketball season kicks off in late November, usually with a few preseason scrimmages. These games are crucial to the development of these young players that will shape the school’s basketball program for the next few years.

The school’s regular season starts immediately after these exhibition games and continues on until late February. If the Taylorsville Warriors schedule is promising and the players develop into their game correctly, they have a shot at the State Championships thereafter.

Of course, summers for these young men are filled with basketball camps to help them develop aspects of their game for the upcoming season.

If you are in need of some high quality Taylorsville basketball apparel to represent the team, you can check out Game Gear’s online Warriors store here.

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