Playworks Press Release

With 28% of students reporting consistent bullying during their school years and over 7% of these children missing school out of fear or embarrassment, Geoff Doiron, the Development Director for Playworks in Utah, saw an issue that he could no longer ignore.

On Saturday March 5, 2016, The 4th Annual Race to Reduce Bullying 5k was held at Wheeler Farm in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Game Gear was proud to be a sponsor and participate in this event. This years' race had the highest turnout on record and Event Coordinators were pleased with how quickly they filled their five hundred registration cap. 

Not only did the race raise money for a good cause but had volunteer’s at every turn of the track, spreading a positive message of kindness toward others.

Here at Game Gear, we believe everyone should feel safe in their community from elementary school to adulthood and our goal is to teach good sportsmanship and demonstrate the right set of skills to succeed in any situation.

“We teach kids what it’s like to create a team, what it’s like to resolve conflict, what it’s like to channel your super powers,” Doiron told us Saturday. We are happy to report that Playworks has been estimated to reduce bullying nationally by 43% and upwards of 45% in Utah and, as an official sponsor, we could not be more proud of everything this incredible company has accomplished.