Duck Hunting Gear Checklist

Before you set out on your next duck hunting adventure, you should double check and make sure you have everything you need. Duck hunting can be a fun, but patient sport. Here is our checklist of essential gear for your next duck hunting trip. We recommend you pack everything here, and more, to ensure a successful trip.

  • Duck Call: This is by far the best way to draw ducks to you, which will make your experience more enjoyable.
  • Handheld GPS: It is crucial to know exactly where you are at all times. In addition to a GPS, it’s wise to bring a map with you as well.
  • Proper Footwear: Duck hunting season is held in the colder months, and since ducks live in wetlands, it is important to bring waterproof boots and gear along.
  • Camping Gear: Odds are you won’t be out hunting for only an afternoon. Pack light, but don’t forget essential camping gear like sleeping bags, a tent, and a camping stove.
  • First Aid Kit: Accidents can happen whenever and wherever, so it’s best to be prepared and pack a first aid kit. Of course, don’t forget your hunting gear!

If you have packed all the essential duck hunting gear on this checklist and you’re missing something, check out our online hunting store for more duck hunting gear.

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