Deer Hunting Gear Checklist

When preparing for your deer hunting trip, there are a number of essentials that you should double check and make sure you packed. Alongside your rifle or bow, as well as ammo, you should pack along enough food for your trip. In addition to these necessities, there’s a lot of gear you should pack for a more enjoyable and successful hunt. Here is the deer hunting gear checklist from

  • First Aid Kit: No matter how careful you are, someone is likely to get a scrape, burn or some type of minor injury. Accidents strike at the least expected time, so always prepare for the unexpected.
  • Game Bags: How do you plan on packing your game out of the woods without a game bag? Get a quality game bag to ensure you won’t run into any difficulties on your way out.
  • Appropriate Camo Gear: Since mule deer are found all across Utah, you’ll need to match your camo pattern to the surrounding environment. After all, you shouldn’t expect a lot of success if you dress in desert apparel for a woodlands hunt.

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