Camo Hunting Gear Checklist

When you are preparing for your hunting trip, you often get the best camo apparel you can find. This is essential to remaining unseen by the animals you are hunting, but apparel is not the only hunting gear you need to have camouflaged. Here is our camo hunting gear checklist.

  • Netting: When setting up your basecamp for your hunting operations, you will want to set up a camouflaged netting tent. This will keep you hidden from the game and allow you to be closer to your hunting fields without giving away your position.
  • Weaponry: Having your gun camouflaged is a debate in the hunting industry, but if you’re bow hunting, odds are your weapon is already outfitted with camo. Camo guns will also help keep yourself hidden while hunting.
  • Binoculars: Having camouflaged binoculars is key when scouting for game. In fact, many of your hunting accessories can be camouflaged easily and will make for a more successful hunting trip.

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