Who Are The Salt Lake Screaming Eagles?

If you live in Utah, you might have already heard of the Salt Lake Screaming Eagles. They are the newest addition to the Indoor Football League, now featuring 11 teams based in cities around the country. But the way in which the team was designed, from its name to its uniforms, has caused quite a stir. The Salt Lake Screaming Eagles organization is totally fan-driven, meaning that every decision made in the process of the team’s creation has been voted on by fans.   

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Salt Lake Screaming Eagles: The Newest Addition to the Indoor Football League

The Salt Lake Screaming Eagles are the 11th team to join the Indoor Football League (IFL). The IFL is currently the second biggest arena-style football league. Their name is a nod to members of the 101st Airborne Division who fought in World War II. The Salt Lake Screaming Eagles will face off against teams from Wisconsin to Washington. They’re currently slated to play at the Maverick Center in West Valley City.

Project FANchise, a Fan-Driven Football Team

From the beginning, every decision for this football team has been decided by fans through an organization called Project FANchise. Using an online voting system, fans have voted on the location of this new team, the team’s name, and their colors. As the next season draws near, these fans will also get to vote on a general manager for the team, a coaching staff, and even the players who’ll make the roster. The most dedicated fans will even get to call live plays during games.

This style of a completely fan-driven team is interesting, and it’s come with a peculiar set of issues. Among the top choices for the team’s name were options like, “Teamy McTeamface” and the “Stormin’ Mormons”. And the people at Project FANchise are currently thinking of ways to keep the internet trolls from affecting the team.

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