How to Get a Utah Hunting License

Utah offers some incredible opportunities for wild game hunting. With around 70 percent of the state dedicated to wide-open public lands, it’s not hard to find a good place to hunt. Not to mention that Utah is home to a large breadth of big and small game that can provide for exhilarating and unforgettable hunting. Out of respect for Utah wildlife, it’s important to hunt legally. That’s why you should only hunt once you’ve acquired a Utah hunting license and any relevant permits.

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How Does a Utah Hunting License Work? 

A Utah hunting license is required before you can legally hunt any type of game anywhere in the state. Timeframes for these licenses can range from a few days, a year, or your entire lifetime. Prices depend on the length of the license you purchase and whether or not you’re a Utah resident. Non-resident licenses cost a great deal more than for residents.

Once you purchase a Utah hunting license, you’ll need to purchase a more specific permit depending on the type of game you’re hunting. Permits range in cost based on the rarity of the game you choose to pursue. Many of these permits are limited-entry, determined by a seasonal drawing. You can find information on when to apply for certain permits through the Utah Division of Wildlife Services.

Types of Hunting in Utah

Utah is a geographically diverse state that fosters the perfect habitat for a wide variety of game. Whether you want to hunt high in the mountains, down on the Colorado plateau, or somewhere in the wide expanse of the easternmost Great Basin, Utah can cater to every desired hunting experience. Here are some of the types of game Utah offers:

    • Big Game: In Utah you’ll find buck deer, elk, pronghorn, bighorn sheep and many other large animals available to hunt.
    • Sportsman: For more unique hunting, Utah offers bear, bison, cougar, desert bighorn sheep, and a number of other more exotic wildlife.
    • Crane, Grouse, Wild Turkey: Any of these big birds are available to hunt depending on the season.

If you’re hoping to hunt in Utah, find out how to apply for licenses and when to apply for permits with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources.

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