Best Major League Baseball Uniforms

Baseball is a quintessential American pastime. No other sport is so timeless, archaic, or so passionate about its own history. Baseball uniforms have always been aesthetically terse. And while a few modern jerseys have made an impression, it seems that in baseball, less is always more. But that certainly doesn’t mean that less is boring.

At Game Gear, we’re proud of the custom uniforms we create. Whether you’re looking for a classic appearance or something more modern and flashy, we will design high quality team apparel that matches your desired aesthetic. Before calling our office for custom uniforms in West Valley City, Utah, see which teams we think don the best uniforms in Major League Baseball.

The Best Modern MLB Uniforms

Most of the better-dressed MLB teams today sport classic styles with a few modern twists. It takes more than simplicity to stand out in this league. Here are a few of the best uniforms being worn in the Majors today:

  • San Francisco Giants: Between the classic home and away jerseys, or their numerous alternatives, the Giants stand out for looking consistently sharp. The S and F logo looks great sitting up at the corner of their jerseys. But the Giants banner across the chest in simple font might be their best and most timeless jersey.
  • Baltimore Orioles: The Orioles truly understand how to work within the “less is more” baseball aesthetic. Their jerseys are as classic as the cursive banner across the chest. But their colors breathe a sense of uniqueness and intrigue into each of their uniform sets.
  • Detroit Tigers: The Tigers crack our top three by way of simplicity and consistency. Not much has changed over the years and nor should it. The Old English letter “D” is perfect, just perfect. Please, Detroit Tigers, never change.  

  • The Best MLB Throwback Uniforms

    As an homage to the history of the game, teams like to occasionally wear throwback uniforms. Some of these are pure throwbacks, wearing the exact same version of past uniforms, while others are more modern takes on retro styles. In many cases, a team looks better in its throwbacks than in their standard modern uniforms. Isn’t that a shame? Here’s some of the best throwbacks to date:

  • Milwaukee Brewers Throwback: These throwbacks are nearly perfect. It turns out light blue looks really good on the Brewers. And you can’t go wrong with their retro baseball-in-glove logo.
  • San Diego Padres Throwback: It’s hard to say why the Padres ever ditched their original brown and yellow color scheme. But alas, these throwbacks are a delight. The simplicity of these jerseys along with the playful font spelling “Padres” across the front make for one of the coolest throwback sets in baseball.
  • Montréal Expos: The Expos might not be remembered for filling their stadium or for playing quality baseball, but their uniforms are sorely missed. Their unique cloud-like emblem and their crisp color-scheme made for some of the coolest uniforms in the Majors.

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