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When you watch football, one thing you will notice is the heavy protective equipment the players wear. This bulky padding is essential to their safety, but this wasn’t always a requirement. In fact, football uniforms have changed drastically since the first player stepped foot on the gridiron football field. Both the uniform designs and the protective gear have been innovated greatly since the sport began more than 100 years ago.

At Game Gear, we produce the highest quality custom athletic gear for team sports of all competition levels. We can produce custom athletic gear for any sport including baseball, basketball, track and field, and even football.

Before you call and utilize our football uniform designer, let our sublimation printing experts fill you in on football uniform design and how it has changed in the past century.  

The Evolution of Football Uniforms

Today, players are equipped with the best technology in sports. From lightweight pads to moisture-wicking jerseys, football uniforms have come a long way since the leather helmet days in the early 1900’s. In fact, football helmets were not mandatory until the 1930’s and they weren’t made of plastic and cushioned padding until the 1950’s.  

In the 1940’s, teams began adding helmet designs to their uniforms. Up to this point, helmets were just brown leather. In 1948, a Los Angeles Rams player painted ram horns on his leather helmet. The practice soon caught on with other teams and now every team has their own custom football helmet design.

Helmets weren’t the only football gear being innovated, however. Football pads soon became required because of the hard tackles in the sport. These pads were bulky and heavy, but over time they became sleek, yet durable, making it easier for players to run with their pads on.

Designing Modern Football Uniforms

The 1990’s went through a uniform boom. Jersey sales increased dramatically and football soon became America’s most watched sport. Many new teams were added including the Carolina Panthers and Jacksonville Jaguars, both had radical jersey designs compared to other professional teams.

Many professional teams began changing their logos from more detailed versions, to logos with sleek lines and shapes. The Denver Broncos and New England Patriots are two of the most apparent as the Bucking Bronco and the Pat Patriot logos were retired in favor of the more simple designs they wear today.

Of course, technology has gotten better as well and now football jerseys are made of moisture-wicking material and smaller, more durable padding. Helmets have also improved immensely and have improved player safety.

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Regardless of the competition level, every team deserves to look like the professionals. You can utilize our football uniform designer to create the custom football uniform of your choice. You can contact us here to get started today!