Team Sports Apparel to Make Your Squad Standout

Obviously, the talent level for professional sports teams is impressive. But one other aspect of professional sports teams that stands out to fans is their remarkably designed uniforms and jerseys. Team sports apparel has been shown to improve a team’s brand awareness and to help grow their fan base.

Professional sports teams aren’t the only squads that can benefit from high-quality team sports apparel, however. Collegiate teams, high school squads, and even amateur teams have discovered the benefits of having high-quality uniforms made for their team. At Game Gear, we produce some of the highest quality team sports apparel for all teams, regardless of their competition level.

Whether you are a coach looking to breathe new life into your team, or an athletic director who wants to inspire their team with high quality, professional grade uniforms, we can help. Before you check out our online store and customization options, let us fill you in how our team uniforms can benefit your team.

Custom Apparel for Any Team Sport

Professional looking team sports apparel is important to every team, regardless of the sport. Different sports, however, require different apparel options, and at Game Gear we can customize every piece of apparel for your team. Here are just a few of the sports we can customize team apparel for:

  • Track: Track uniforms are often some of the easiest to design. From singlets, to shorts, and even mesh jerseys, we have it all for you to customize.
  • Football: American football is one of the most popular sports in the nation and the uniform designs at Game Gear can really make your squad stand out.
  • Basketball: Basketball jerseys are some of the most popular sports apparel at Game Gear. We can print custom logos and designs on your team’s uniforms with ease.
  • Baseball: Over time, baseball uniforms have changed ever so slightly. At Game Gear, we can produce high-quality baseball uniforms for your team today!
  • Lacrosse: While lacrosse isn’t nearly as popular in Utah as it is on the east coast, there are still a number of lacrosse teams that need custom jerseys.

  • Sublimation Printing

    While some uniform designers use screen printing techniques, we at Game Gear prefer to use high-quality sublimation printing. While screen printing applies the design or logo atop the uniform material, sublimation bond to it at a molecular level. This leaves you with a professional looking uniform for your entire squad.

    Sublimation printing has many benefits over screen printing and other methods of uniform design. Sublimation printed team sports apparel will last longer, and the design will not crack or peel as the uniform is worn. Additionally, sublimation printed jerseys are water resistant and UV proof so the design will not get damaged by sweat or fade as it’s worn in the sun.

    Contact Game Gear Today!

    If you are looking for new uniforms, jerseys, or any other sports apparel for your team, Game Gear can help. We use sublimation printing to leave you with a professional looking uniform that will make your squad stand out. You can check out our customization options here. If you have any questions about our products, you can contact us here or give us a call at 1.800.592.7195.