Custom Sublimation Jerseys

Baseball, basketball, soccer, football, even lacrosse and cricket. Each of these sports have one thing in common: team jerseys. Jerseys, also known as team uniforms, serve a variety of purposes. From signifying team affiliation to allowing the fan base to represent their allegiance to their favorite team, team jerseys play an important role in all sports.

At Game Gear, we manufacture custom sublimation jerseys for teams of all sports and competition levels. A custom athletic uniform for your sports team can set your team apart from the rest and give you a professional feel. Learn more about our custom sublimation jerseys before you make your final decision.

What is Sublimation?

Sublimation printing has been around for decades, but the technique has remained one of the most effective for clothing printing. The sublimation printing process allows us to transfer full artwork onto custom team uniforms.

Unlike screen printing, in which the design is printed on the material, sublimation dyes are infused into the clothing at a molecular level. This allows us to print higher quality designs that won’t crack, peel, or fade over time.

As you can tell, this printing technique is far more effective than others, especially for sporting events that require extensive physical activity. If you want your team to have a professional appearance, custom sublimation jerseys are by far your best bet.

Importance of Team Jerseys

As mentioned above, team uniforms are meant to designate one team aside from another. Most teams, regardless of the sport or competition level, have more than one jersey. Some teams even have a third uniform, known as an alternate, that is used in place of the home uniform for special games. Typically, there is a home and an away uniform that allows spectators to know which team is which.

From a marketing standpoint, team uniforms are just as important. By creating a jersey with your team’s logo or brand on it, you are only increasing the public’s awareness of your sport team. A well designed logo will draw more attention to your team and could even increase merchandise sales!

As you can see, having a well designed custom jersey can have great impacts on your team. While they can’t directly improve your team’s performance, they can bring in more fans and give a sense of importance to your players. Overall, custom sublimation jerseys can bring many benefits to your sports team.  

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Is your sports team in need of a uniform upgrade? Jerseys have improved a lot over the past 25 years and now even the best high school teams have professional grade uniforms. Don’t let your team fall behind with the time and upgrade your jersey’s today with game Gear.

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